we all have twenty four hours

What did I do yesterday? Yesterday felt like a blur. When I started to think about everything I have done in the last ten weeks, I don’t remember most of it. I should start to journal my days.

New South Wales in Australia has been under lockdown for ten weeks now. I remember having grand plans when the lockdown started. I wanted to build an app. I wanted to create an API, and I wanted to launch a small app by the time we got out of lockdown in two weeks, then. In the tenth week and with three more weeks to go, I still have not made much progress. I got distracted. Other things took priority, and working on the app was no longer on top of the list.

We all have twenty-four hours. Sleep, food, work takes out sixteen to seventeen hours on most days. There is exercise and then catching up with friends and family. To get to something outside of these top 5 activities means that I need to be extra cautious of my time scheduled for other activities. Maybe I don’t want it as badly. If I did, it would be part of the top 5 activities. We all have that twenty-four hours in a day. What activities are you giving priority to?

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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