Companies I admire

I have been following a few companies online since a long time, who I admire for how they run their business. In no particular order.


My alternate go to text editor. Love Barebones for the commitment to create a great text editor. I am part of the their google group, and love reading release notes for every version they release.


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I admire Jason and David for how they run their business and their commitment to create a software company / product which continues to exist for a long time.


If I was to create a PaaS company I would like it to be like Vercel. They continue to improve their products and support the open source community. Their attention to detail to “getting started” with their products is something I admire.


this post had me in tears. Have always followed and liked Gitlab since then.


Something about photo sharing companies which stick around. Also like how well they handled the Flickr acquisition.


Something about software which is solves a simple problem, continue to make improvements and sticks around for a long time.


From their website. “We exist for our team. Our products and customers allow us to do the best work of our lives, together.” I wish more companies believed this.


Developers creating tools they would like to use. Always felt like Expectedbehavior was set out on this mission. Plus DocRaptor and InstrumentalApp are two softwares that I use every day.


Before they go acquired by Opera and after they “un” acquired themselves, I love the teams commitment to create a better email platform / protocols for the web.


“Life’s too short for bad software.” Have been following Balsamiq since version 1 of the product. Good to see a company be so open, support the community, while creating a product which is a joy to use.


“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.”.

MacBook Pro and iPhone are a joy to use and I love Apple for their commitment and attention to detail in every product they create.


Have been following Clearleft ever since they launched usability testing app Silverback, a low-cost usability testing tool for Mac OS X. Love reading the blog posts.


“Hey. We’re Panic. We make super nice software.” - I have a license to all their software products. They do make shockingly good software. Have been enjoying using Nova, their new code editor since two weeks now(starting 2nd week of April 2020).

the Browser Company

“At the Browser Company , we’re building a better way to use the internet.”. Arc , the web browser from the Browser Company has nothing but a joy to use. If you have been using Google Chrome or Firefox, give Arc a try. It’s my default browser since June 2022.


“We make storing and using data astonishingly easy.”. I sometimes forget that I use Backblaze. It is my trusted source to backup my data since 2013. 

Will continue to add more companies to this list.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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