How to Make a Website

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I have been asked this question a few times in the last few years. I want more people to have their own website. We live in a digital age. We have Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, but not one place where people can come to find more about you.

Things you need

A domain name

{{yourname}}.com would be ideal, if the website is about you. Or your {{businessname}}.com or .net or .org or .in or, if the website is for your business. Where can you register this domain?

I use and would recommend, , but you are free to choose from the many other options available out there

A quick google search should give you more options on where you can register your domain name.

A place to host your website

You have two options where,

  • Host the website yourself.
  • Pay a monthly / yearly fees to have someone else host it for you.

Host the website yourself

I would not recommend doing this, unless you want to play with servers and worry about keeping the servers safe, updated and away from any possible attacks. This is a whole different subject all together. For this tutorial, I am choosing to focus on option two.

Pay a monthly / yearly fees to have someone else host it for you.

This is where companies like and, and Webflow come into picture. These services offer to host the website for you and take away all that is involved in ensuring that you have a website tomorrow instead of spending a week or a few months working with an.

Most of these services also provide domain registration as an option. This means, you dont have to spend time learning how to point your domain towards the web server. One more layer of complexity taken away between you and your next website.

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