Fun Run

I’ve read about people eagerly participating in marathon events around the world. Every day, on my way back from the gym, I see people running on the walkway around Manly Beach. I’ve never understood why some people choose running as their preferred method of fitness.

Last week, I participated in my first running event—a fun run, and indeed, it was fun. Having exercised for almost six years, I thought a 5 KM run would be manageable. It didn’t seem like too great a distance. Yet, I struggled. I managed to run the first kilometer at the start, but then it felt like the world came tumbling down. My legs started to ache in places I never imagined could experience pain. I walked the next three kilometers and ran the last one. The adrenaline rush at the end was incredible. I can now see why people choose running as a way to stay fit.

A friend messaged me asking if I was going to join the “crazy cult.” I am not. I love weight lifting and dancing and plan to stick with these activities for my fitness regimen.

Thanks Kabir and Iwona for signing me up for the run ❤️

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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