Embracing Change: Why I Like Slack's New UI

When you don’t pay for the product, you are the product. Being a free user of Slack, I have come to accept random changes Slack makes to its UI. Paid users should get a choice though, about changes to the UI Slack releases. Maybe an opt-out button and being able to choose a version they like.

I woke up this morning to a new UI for Slack. My initial reaction was “why”. As I started using it, though, the UI grew on me.

Change can be daunting, especially in the world of technology, where familiarity often feels like a warm embrace. While many of twitter grumble about the departure from the old look, I wholeheartedly embraced this transformation. The new Slack UI feels like fresh air – vibrant, colourful, and spacious.

The infusion of colours and additional space has made my daily interactions on Slack a more delightful experience. In a constantly evolving world, embracing change can open new possibilities. Slack’s new UI reminds us that sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to a brighter, more colourful perspective on our daily tasks, fostering creativity and efficiency. While some may resist change, I encourage you to explore and appreciate the revamped Slack UI for its fresh perspective to our digital workspace.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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