not all days are the same

I want to return to this post occasionally, so this post is a self-reminder post.

Not all days are the same.
Some days are good.
Some days could be better.
Some days you meet a lot of people.
Some days, you spend a lot of time just being alone.
Not all days are the same.

You want to travel, meet people, have good food and enjoy that road trip
Today is not that day, neither is that day tomorrow, but someday, the above will come true
Not all days are the same.
Today, you can sit down, plan and dream about your travel adventures,
Tomorrow, all these dreams will come true.
Not all days are the same.

You sit here overthinking things.
It would have helped if you had said yes to that invite to travelling and meeting friends, but you did not.
You should have asked that girl out or told her how you feel about her, but your overthinking brain told you not to
Tomorrow, maybe you will say yes to that invite, to travelling, meeting friends and asking that girl out. Today was not the day; don’t be hard on yourself.
Not all days are the same.

Being alive is a blessing:
walking around, being healthy, being able to sip that good coffee, eating that cake, being able to dance to a tune.
Enjoying these moments is important,
Somedays, all you want to do is be in bed, not do anything; on these days, I hope you read this and remind yourself.
Not all days are the same.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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