imposter syndrome

It rarely goes away. Even after working in the industry for more than thirteen years, every time you try out something new and stumble, the feeling is back again.

You might have worked on building complex systems, bought in a lot of revenue, worked with a few companies and have proven yourself by learning existing systems and improving them, something new which gets you a bit stuck, you think of yourself as an imposter. Someone who is getting by because you have been lucky and have not been caught as yet.

I had the feeling two weeks ago, even for most of last week. However, getting across the finish line and marking the task as done made me feel good. I no longer thought of myself as an imposter. A considerable weight lifted off my shoulder, the feeling that I belonged and knew what I was doing.

It’s good to recognise these feelings. Make a note of these and know how to recognise them when it does come back again. Cause it will when you try something new in the future.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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