we crashed

we crashed has been on my watch list since the first time I heard about the tv show. Being down with cold and cough the whole week, I have been catching up on all the TV shows that have long been on my watch list.

We crashed was good. I usually take my time with tv shows, but this time I binge-watched. It was thrilling and entertaining, and knowing it was true made it all that interesting.

I like learning about companies and the people who started it—learning about the motivation, the struggles, the grandeur, and the thoughts of conquering the world. These things inspire me. When WeWork launched in India, I quickly signed up to try their co-working space. WeWork did not disappoint. I tried a few locations, and they were all equally good. One thing that always stayed in the back of my mind is their deal to rent a whole building in Bandra, Mumbai as their first co-working space. we crashed, confirmed a few doubts I had about WeWork being able to expand so quickly. VC money is fun to burn.

I don’t associate with entrepreneurs like Adam Neumann. Grow quick, burn that midnight oil and expand at all costs is not the style I associate with. I associate more with companies like Bare Bones Software - BBEdit. Continue to build, maintain and improve one or two things for 30 years. Sign me up.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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