bookmarking is hard

I enjoy visiting new websites. Twitter, Reddit, and Blog posts have supplied me with websites I can visit. I come across new tools, software, design, fonts, colour pallets and writing styles that inspire me daily. The first few hours of me sitting down to work is spent absorbing all the awesome things the internet offers.

I have tried out a few bookmarking tools over the years. I started with using Mozilla Firebird bookmarks and then moved to more web-based tools, starting with, then moving on to a few others over the years. Some free and some paid. I have spent a lot of dollars trying to make sure that I get to remember all the things I come across, but I don’t stick with any.

It is not difficult to build a bookmarking site. I need the following features.

  • Title, comment box, being able to add tags and the URL field.
  • a way to search through bookmarks
  • list all the bookmarks

Thats it. That’s all I need from a bookmarking site. Almost every bookmarking service does this. Yet, the user interface / being able to add the website I discover is where I struggle with sticking with the tool.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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