scratch that itch

You can plan all you want. You can fill out excel sheets or any other accounting software to budget your finances, but nothing can prepare you for when you finally decide to take action. The motivation to do that has to be strong and something you can no longer ignore. After you commit and take that call, your days/months/years are on the line, along with your planning around finances. Of course, others will be around to support you, but it’s your journey from now on.

There can always be more money in the bank. The date to commit to the decision can permanently be moved. One more week will not hurt. One more month will not hurt, but the longer you delay it, the more the thought stays in your mind and leaves you not at peace.

You are not doing justice to your current work if all you want to do is scratch that itch and would spend the days and weeks doing something else.

Are you ready, though, to commit and start the journey? Is today the day you decide to scratch that itch?

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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