There has been one post in my draft folder for six years now. The day I had the thought was the day I wrote the blog post. The post itself only makes sense if a picture occupies it.

“six pack abs” are a craze in the fitness industry, from good biceps to six-pack abs to focusing on overall good health. The conversations in the fitness industry have changed. Six-pack abs, though, is something people will not stop talking about.

I remember reading about six-pack and telling myself, “one day,” and since then, I have been working on and off to get that one picture. Unfortunately, getting to that picture has been difficult based on my food habits. It will be challenging to maintain even if I did get to have six-pack abs. But thinking about that one picture makes me never want to give up on the dream.

I need to have more (draft) blog posts. They motivate me.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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