three seven

“we’re all alone. that’s why we have friends and family. so that loneliness is easier to take”

Modified quote from Mr. Mercedes

There have been times this year where I thought I was already thirty-seven, so as I write this post I don’t feel like I have turned thirty-seven.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy writing these posts? I love it. A day to look back on and reflect on being part of this world and this ride, and as I write this post, I feel incredibly grateful. I am grateful to experience all that I experienced last year and for what I will experience in the weeks/months ahead.


It would not be fair to move ahead without saying thank you to this suburb I had been spending most of my time in 2022. I thought living at home alone and working from home would be quite a boring and lonely experience, but Manly has made the experience quite the opposite. Never a dull day. Living closer to the beach has been nothing but fantastic. It costs me a lot of money but money well spent.

I write a lot here about how the last year went by, but I want to change that up this year and move to a shorter format. Make it easier to read.

Few personal highlights for the last year:

  • More than 110 days at the gym. BFT
  • More than 200 swims in the ocean.
  • No longer being scared of writing tests and working on large-scale applications.
  • Travelling to
    • Dubai
    • New Zealand - Thrice.
    • India
  • Started to ride share when I had time.
  • Participating in 26/11/22 - BONDI BEACH - SUNRISE event.
  • Building more apps and writing better code than I did last year.
  • Swimming with the fishes at the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Meeting a lot of new people. Eating good food and drinking good alchol with them.
  • Friends from India coming over to visit and stay. I wish this never stops.


Instead of writing down lists, I want to switch to living 2023 around three themes.

My three themes for 2023:

I hope you all have an excellent 2023. 🙌🏻🤗

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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