For $25 you can buy a content passport. It’s available for purchase on any website that is part of the content network, and you need one to read the content on their site. The site that sells it to you gets $10 in commission for selling it to you.

Micropayments for content

I like this idea of how we look at payments for content. Instead of paying for content each time and at different sites, we get a content passport that pays content creators.

Medium tried this, but they wanted to control the user experience, which did not end well. I like this idea because content creators get to maintain control over their websites. Content creators also get to make money in other ways cause they have control over their website and disable ads / other monetization methods when a user shows up with a content passport.

Can someone please implement this? I have also been looking at working on something on the side. Could this be that idea?

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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