learning never stops. I never want to stop learning.

Computers have always interested me since I first used them in 8th grade, from learning that computers talk in binary to learning DOS, Windows 3.1, FoxPro, and Visual Basic to now building web and mobile applications. I have come a long way. There are so many things to learn, and I am happy each time I pick up a new skill/language/tool.

Last two weeks, I have been thinking about all things associated with this field that are of interest to me, and I made a list below so that I can come back to it each time I think about where I should spend my time.

Building backend for web applications Spend a lot of time doing this now and enjoy it. I want to get better at using step functions and abstracting code.

Building mobile apps Don’t spend as much time doing this right now. I would love to spend more time building mobile apps. Want to develop an app that uses AR.

Application Security Working with web application firewalls and OS applications that protect the app—adding hooks to the software, so it processes data securely. There is so much to learn in the field of security.

Usability Engineering The first time I came across this subject, I instantly fell in love. I want to spend more time doing this.

Testing Unit, Feature and End to End Testing. I recently started spending time writing unit and end-to-end tests and quite enjoy it.

Games I have built API for mobile games. However, I would love to make / program a game.

Mac apps I always wanted to build a Mac app. Someday soon, hopefully.

Sketching/wire framing software

IoT I have wanted to work with Bluetooth Low Energy for a long time.

Application performance monitoring I enjoy this so much, monitoring application performance and improving endpoints / UI, which hamper the user experience. Always sad that I don’t spend more time doing this.

Serverless Tech I have written a couple of AWS Lambda scripts. Serverless tech has been growing quite a lot, and spending more time learning tools around this is something I would like to do.

Reading release notes I need a day dedicated to reading release notes once a month. I enjoy reading software release notes.

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