This topic has been on my mind for a few weeks. It was either Wipro or TCS who first spoke up about this. A quick google led me to this article.

TCS on moonlighting: It is an ethical issue and against company’s core values and culture

As per a report from Moneycontrol, TCS Chief Human Resources Officer Milind Lakkad during a recent media interaction, said that the companys thoughts on moonlighting have been communicated to employees. Lakkad also said that no action has been taken so far against someone involved in such practice.

Furthermore, Chief Executive Officer Rajesh Gopinathan said that all employment contracts include that employees arent allowed to work for any other organization.

While working on this post, my friend Lokesh asked what moonlighting meant. > Moonlighting refers to the practice of working a second job outside normal business hours. Therefore, an employee may work a normal 9-to-5 job as a primary source of income but work nights at a different job in order to earn extra money. Employees who work for private businesses may be subject to any policies the company has in place regarding moonlighting. Certain organizations may not want employees to work additional jobs while others will not care.

I have always wondered why an employer would mind if someone wanted to bring more money to the table to support their family or their dreams. If one is being truthful about the work they are putting in at the regular 9-to-5 job and not accomplishing other employers, work while being on the clock at one place, having another gig would not be a concern.

However, working for a direct competitor could be of concern and is a boundary I am ok to consider. It’s tough not to have one employer’s knowledge/roadmap influence decisions at your other place.

I follow “ankur warikoo” on linkedin and he posted this two weeks ago

“I have always encouraged my team members to work at different places, pursue multiple gigs, and also take up different kinds of projects.

Better yet, I have offered them roles that my acquaintances had openings for!”

“Magic happens when one starts with trust.”

If I were ever to start a company, I would be on ankur’s side regarding how I would react to someone working with me moonlighting.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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