road trips

I just returned from a road trip, and if someone asked me what the best way to travel around is, I would say rent a car and drive around. Road trips with friends and family are the best.

Pit stops along the way, random conversations, stopping in once unknown towns and cafes and catching a glimpse of sunrise and sunset. Google maps has been immensely helpful in navigating me through the road trip. There has never been a diversion from a path that google recommend. I have never thought about going off track and finding an alternate route to the same destination. It was always about the quickest way to get from one place to the other. However, after I returned, I made this mental note to sometimes go off track and take that alternate route.

I recently read this “values” page written by one of my favourite software to use these days. Arc. Josh has the browser company values page around road trips. I thought I had an attention span disorder, but I could not stop reading the page. Please give it a read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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