Even if you don’t check all the boxes in the role requirement. Not many who apply for the role check all the boxes.

When I learn of any software company, I am always curious to understand what their software stack looks like. The best place to know what the stack looks like is the Careers page. Based on the kind of skills the company is looking to hire, you can learn a lot about their software stack.

I am always curious if people applying for the open roles tick all the boxes listed as a requirement for the job.

After having worked in the industry for more than ten years, the one thing I am sure of is to tick those role requirements; you will have to be either working in the company itself or a company which created software using the same stack as “this” company.

Should you not then apply for these roles? You should. If you tick a few boxes in the stack, I highly encourage you to apply for that next job role. As long as you know the base requirement of the role, you can learn the rest while in the position.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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