the right gear

I bought a road bike a month ago. Before buying the road bike, I told myself I would take it out once or a week to keep myself physically active.

I had been watching a lot of people cycle in the suburb I live. So, I told myself, I wanted to get cycling gear like them before taking the bicycle out. A week later, I was still looking for the right cycling gear.

I needed to get started. It had been a week. Thanks to the magic of internet advertisement, I now had more than 20 brands following me around advertising their product. I randomly chose one, clicked “Pay Now” and waited for the gear to be delivered.

“After I get the jersey,” I told myself. Two weeks in, I was still waiting to take the bike out for a ride.

After the jersey was delivered, I got started and have not looked back since. I have been riding three to four times a week. I got myself an account on strava to track my ride. After that, I slowly bought more gear to help me cycle better.

This experience got me thinking. What is that one thing which is stopping you from getting started? Is it the shoes to help you start exercising regularly? Is it the meal plan to help you eat better? Or is that “thing” the reason to not get started at all. I hope it is not.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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