write more or write less

I have wanted to write long-form content here. So this last week I was looking for topics, I could write about. I have been relatively consistent with writing short posts in the past few months and am pretty happy that I rarely missed posting here. I love writing, and starting this blog has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Writing short content now does not take as much time as it used to before. I now know how long it would take to format the content, think about the topic, edit the post, and check for grammatical errors. A know territory. Is it time to switch to the unknown? I want to.

I came across this blog post this week. Write 5x more but write 5x less

There are 2 things I have come to believe about writing:

  1. The average person should write 5x more things than they do.
  2. The average written thing should be 5x shorter than it is.

And I agree. We should all be writing more. I should be writing more about the decisions I make at work. I should be writing more in private about lessons learnt. I should be writing more about new things I learn.

I should be writing more but less about work. I should be writing more long-form content here. That’s one thing I will not complain about—more writing.

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