live takes practice

I remember recording my first podcast episode last year. I re-recorded at least ten times. I knew you could edit podcasts, but I did not know how to. I wanted to get it right and get it right without having to edit.

After the second episode, though, I knew the number of retakes was just not going to cut it anymore. I had to learn how to edit. I spent one weekend going through a few tutorials on editing podcasts, and I was ready to record again. This time, I could make mistakes while recording. I could blabber, I could tell myself that I needed to edit this part out. I was talking to my future self, and my future self would thank me for learning how to edit.

Sanat and I recorded again yesterday. Sanat has gotten good at editing podcasts now. Power of iPad and Ferrite descript from what I am told. We made many mistakes. Lots of ums and ahs and … “I got nothing”… “I lost my chain of thought here”.

This morning, it got me thinking how difficult it is to record live or present in front of a live audience. When you don’t get a chance to leave notes for your future self. Where losing chain of thought is not an option. But, for those who present to a live audience and do it well, I have a newfound appreciation for that skill.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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