How many blog posts did you publish this week?

How many steps did you walk today or this week?

How many times did you exercise today or go biking?

How many hours did you spend at work this week?

How many bugs did you fix this week?

How many tv shows did you watch this week?

How many meetings were you part of this week where you did not speak?

How many hours did you spend on Instagram or Facebook this week?

How much screen time did you have this week?

There are so many things to measure on a day to day basis. Maybe we could also start working towards measuring these:

how many people did you talk to today or this week?

How many people did you make smile today or this week?

How much time did you spend today or this week working on things where time felt like a blur?

How many times this week did you say no to the extra sugar/fat you have been trying to avoid?

Can we start measuring and spending more time on these too?

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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