its good to vent

I came across this thread on Reddit this week. “Four more weeks. Fuck positivity, I’m starting a negativity thread”. If you are on Reddit and have some time to spare, I would recommend giving it a read.

I rarely write about anything negative here. It’s not me, and I tell everyone around me to not have negative thoughts. It’s good to vent, though. It’s good to write about the things that are bothering you. Something about putting your thoughts down on a digital notepad or in a diary: it has helped me quite a lot before. I remember reading this post by Marco Arment a few years ago, and it instantly resonated with me “Thank you, internet”. I remember writing a post based on this post, but I lost that post thanks to moving my blog from one platform to the other.

I have been watching Sopranos the last few weeks and following Sopranos as a topic on Twitter.

men will watch tony soprano go to therapy for 6 seasons instead of going to therapy themselves

— Haley OC (@MILFWEEED) July 17, 2021

One of the main characters, Tony Soprano, goes to visit his therapist in almost every episode I have seen so far. To talk about what he has on his mind and listen to what the therapist has to say. It’s good to vent. Let your thoughts out. Maybe you are talking about it with your friends or your diary, writing it on a blog, or visiting a therapist to talk about it. Whatever works best for you. I hope you are taking care of yourself.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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