Breakups are hard. Having been through a few now, I only understand a few things of what it takes to get over one. I hope no one has to go through one.

A friend on Friday told me about one of his friends who committed suicide by hanging himself. While talking to another friend about this, he asked if it was because of a breakup. I was not sure. Police did find a note in his diary which said: “this life has no meaning”. What the person went through before choosing to end their life is only something they know.

I build software for a living and don’t have much knowledge about human psychology. After every breakup, though, I remember reading a lot about what a person goes through and the different signals and emotions your brain has to process. Sometimes you win. Sometimes it’s the other way around. I have a few been told and read about post-breakup suicide stories, though, and it has made me extremely sad to hear about them.

Breakups are tough. If you are going through one and reading this, believe me, it does get better. Each day choose to focus on yourself. A lot of people out there are waiting to meet and hear about you. Maybe you don’t find them right away. Perhaps it takes a few months or a few years. Choose you. 🤗

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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