the best thing that happened to you this week

Before I went to get my coffee today, I was thinking about what to write about here. I must have mentioned this before, but writing early morning on Saturday and Sunday is something I have enjoyed.

The barista at the cafe asked me, β€œwhat’s the best thing that happened to you this week?”. It got me thinking for a few seconds, and my mind racing to think of all things that happened from Monday to Friday. I told him about my friend James cooking some mutton curry for me. It was great, and it was nice of James to cook a meal I had been craving for a few days. I am so grateful to have good friends in my life.

It also got me thinking of all the other things I did this week. With NSW still being in lockdown, other than the trip to the cafes downstairs and the grocery store, I have been home most of the time. Computer, TV, food and conversations with friends close by and over Whatsapp.

My chat conversations tell me I was sad on Monday cause of some more people leaving the organisation. I also had to cancel my trip to Cairns cause of the lockdown 😒. We had our OKR boards on Tuesday, so the first half was spent on that and the second half debugging an issue I was working on. Wednesday was a quiet day, focused on updating a node.js Lambda function. I have been enjoying working on node.js. Thursday was the same, with the highlight of the week, mutton curry πŸ˜‹. Friday, again node.js testing and our companies showcase over Zoom in the second half. Yesterday, I also learnt about the worlds largest sailing yacht.

I am going to make this a regular thing going forward. So, Saturday morning, think about the best thing that happened to me this week. It’s been a fun exercise.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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