dont build to launch

I had this talk for the second time this week. A friend wanted to build a learning management system to host videos/courses they have been working on while granting access to only a selected few who pay them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Six years ago, I would jump to the opportunity to build a learning management system to learn how to create an LMS and a chance to spend more time programming and setting up servers. Now, though, I know how long it takes to build a new application and all the problems you encounter when setting up a new system from scratch.

When you have an idea and the urge to present the picture, I recommend using an already existing tool. It might not match your requirement 100%, but if it does 50% of what you want it to do, signup, upload content and start marketing. Does it cost a few $$ to pay for the product? It sure does. But a lot less than paying someone to build, host and maintain the product. When you reach a particular scale, though, and when that 50% mark does not cut it anymore, look at building your software.

As of now, I recommend Podia(affiliate link) as a way to get started, but a quick google search for Podia alternatives should give you a few more options. Good luck.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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