I have been wanting to get back at recording the podcast I started last year during the lockdown. After the first four episodes, I lost motivation to record again. Not many things made sense. Being at home all the time, I did not have the energy needed to record / edit/edit again / record again.

Things have gotten a lot better since then. Being able to move around, being able to get back to meeting people, being able to experience new things. I also got told by my cousin that I should start recording again last month. I remember getting the mic out from the storeroom and hooking it up to the mac after I got that message.

Last month, Sanat and I spoke about recording a podcast together. We did not know what it was going to be about. Sanat mentioned that he had heard this podcast where two friends randomly catch up and discuss whatever they had in mind at the time of recording. “We should do that”. And we did. We recorded the first episode last week using Zencastr

The second part involves having to merge the files, edit the silences out, and choose a place to host. That’s a work in progress. We did not know how difficult it would be to merge two mp3 files. Maybe we should have tried Zoom or Skype and recorded audio there. I know how to edit a single audio file, but having to merge two tracks, layer it, and edit it has been difficult. I have been told that Logic Pro is the software to be used. I will be spending some time this weekend learning Logic Pro.

Back at Podcasting. I did not know how much I enjoyed it until I pressed the Record button. Thanks, Sanat.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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