hidden features

If you use software long enough, you will see it evolve. There are changes made to the design, performance and features the software has to offer. Very rarely does the end-user get the choice if they wanted these updates.

If the software you use is desktop software, you get to decide if you upgrade to the next version of the software. If it’s web software, though, the upgrade is dependent on the company and their upgrade schedule based on a cohort of users who are writing to them with suggestions for design and feature improvements.

But what if you are happy with the features and design that the software currently offers? With Craft, a desktop app that I use now, it has all the features I need. I hope that they continue to improve on the features and keep it up to date with macOS improvements and API’s the OS has to offer, but when it comes to design and software based features. I am all good.

I wish software offered a way to opt into new features when they release it. A toggle for the user to decide if I want the new feature to be part of the UI that I currently use. A toggle which hides away all associated elements of the new feature and continues to present the features that I am so familiar with and have come to love about. When I am ready, I could decide to peak in, switch the toggle on and try the new feature.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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