not good enough

I woke up with this thought yesterday morning. I have been doing a good enough job in one of my roles at work. I have been trying to do my best, but I often feel that someone else would have done a better job at the role than I would.

Part of the role involves running sessions and recording notes of the sessions, and tracking metrics. These parts I enjoy, and I often feel that I do justice to, but there could be more that I could do—following up on tasks, following up on dates and coordinating between the team much better. Follow-ups often would affect how much we can deliver as a team. Getting better at follow-ups is what I should be getting better at. Getting better at follows up is something I need to observe and re-learn.

It’s not a great feeling to wake up with the feeling that you are not good enough. Then, with your brain playing back words in the background of people, you overhear telling others you are not doing all that you could do. Writing down this post, though, has given me time to think and reflect. Take a step back and re-learn.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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