broke the streak

I wanted to keep my writing streak going and not have a break this year. Get up early on Saturday and Sunday, get my coffee and write the post. I had planned the weekend morning, and I was enjoying the routine. I would look forward to the practice. I remember mentioning this to a few colleagues at work that I look forward to writing on the weekend.

The last week though, I missed the writing streak. I missed getting up early in the morning and writing. I missed my early morning coffee and opening Craft to write the blog post. I missed thinking about how my week has been and picking up a thought, an observation, the thing I had learned, and reading and penning my thoughts down about it.

I did not account for how I would continue my routine when travelling. Last weekend, I was in Auckland, New Zealand, with my team visiting Hobbiton, and the weekend had a few things planned, and time on the laptop was not part of it.

It was a good break. I love that I can travel again. I am grateful to be in a country that allows me to travel and visit another country. I love that I can revisit New Zealand, a country that holds a special place in my heart.

As much I wanted not to break the writing steak, it was a good break. I am happy to return to my weekend schedule, back to getting coffee early in the morning and writing.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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