new beginnings

Two of my friends are getting married today to each other.

A company that I love and closely work with launched their new fund yesterday. If you live in India and are looking to invest in mutual funds, check them out.

I have been sleeping for eight-plus hours the whole week and have been feeling great the entire week.

I decided to get back to iOS programming and have started brushing up on my skills.

New beginnings are exciting. New beginnings give you something to look forward to. New beginning make you want to get up early each day and get started.

Maybe we should look at introducing something new into our schedule every few months. A change in routine, a new book, a new tv show, a new way of cooking, a new route to work, a new podcast on the way to work, oat milk instead of full cream milk with your coffee, checking up on a friend each month and having hour-long conversations.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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