what if

A recent tv show on Netflix has me hooked. what/if. It’s not the best show I have watched, but it does make for a good watch. I am still on episode 3 as I write this.

What…if you were paid a lot of money to solve all the problems you were going through in your life? What..If you had to do something to get that money? i.e. you had to keep certain secrets from your friends and family. What… if that thing you had to do did not affect your friends and family as much as you, and it slowly ate you’re away from the inside. After all, you are the one who had to go through things as a consequence of getting that money.

If your country offers lotto, at some point, you have had this discussion with your friends. What…if you won the lotto this week? I know I have asked his question to a few friends and I like listening to the plans they have if money was not a problem. I wish everyone gets access to the money they need to get away from the current work/life pattern and move towards the change.

What…if though the money/change you so desired came with a string attached? Strings that slowly ate away at the simple life you lead now. Would you reconsider?

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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