something new

A new language. Spanish or French? A new programming language. Go or Java? A new javascript framework. Ember or Vue? A new cuisine. Japanese or Middle Eastern?

We often stick to the known. Known is comforting. Known does not take a lot of time. Known often comes with its own set of joys. Known is usually excellent.

Why try something new then, you ask? Cause it’s great to experience new things once in a while. Take it from a guy who loves to experience new things. Sometimes new things lead to a change in how you write code, experience food or just in the road you take to work. You don’t have to stick to the change, but experiencing or learning about new things is an experience we should all go through from time to time.

I say this while I sit down today, trying to get better at PHPUnit. It’s refreshing to get back to a testing framework I have no used in a while. So much has changed, yet so much I learnt a time ago remains the same.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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