focus zone

I remember trying out driving range at a golf course a few years ago. I remember only that. I don’t know anything else from that experience. I tried the driving range again yesterday, and it was a blast. I wonder why I did not try it sooner. I am trying it again soon.

I remember chatting with a friend about how golf, driving a race car and programming had one thing in common—the focued zone. Once you were on the course, in your car, zoned in on the problem, everything else your brain was thinking about would zone out. All you are thinking of that time is hitting that ball into the hole, the next turn, how to clean up the code or solve the problem in the best possible way. I am sure other professions have the focused zone experience too.

Maybe we should choose more professions and hobbies around things which let us experience the focus zone more often. Not have the brain think about too many things as you work on that one thing.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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