the unpopulars

jQuery last week released an update to their framework—v3.6.0 with a few changes. I have not been following up on jQuery’s update for a while now. I remember being a frequent visitor to their site to check if there was an update to the framework.

With the introduction of a lot of new frameworks, jQuery stopped being famous, and many people, including me, made the switch towards other javascript frameworks. I sided with Angular and Vue initially and am now part of the React tribe.

There are quite a few tech tools, which I once used, which stopped being popular due to the industry moving forward at a fast pace, while these tools did not keep up and kept making progress at their own pace. I am quite happy to see that these frameworks did not stop and kept on improving. The pace was slow, but they kept making progress.

I have started to appreciate these frameworks a whole lot in the last few years. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes in the tech world. Maybe we should slow down and build more reliable tools which last for generations and are not projects which come and go each year.

I am going to make a conscious choice of the tools I choose going forward. The un populars will be looked at again. I am ok, not using the latest framework of the year.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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