not everyone wants to work from home

I would think everyone would want to. You save on travel time and get those extra few hours to exercise, spend more time with friends and family, and get to the tasks that would previously be reserved for the weekend.

Talking to a colleague yesterday, though, I was reminded how work from home might not be the best for everyone. Some people prefer coming to the office. It helps them focus on the job and get it completed faster compared to when at home. When at home, family members asking to pitch in with daily tasks is not uncommon. After all, you are at home. You could help do the dishes, vacuum the house, get groceries. You would pitch in to help with those tasks after work, but now that you are home, it takes away from that focused time needed to get work completed.

I have also heard of people not being motivated to exercise due to working from home. Not having to go somewhere makes people not even want to go to the gym. You get an early start at work and then get onto the couch straight after work. Having the daily routine of going to work helps set a schedule for before or after work to also exercise.

It’s good then that some companies are continuing to hold on to their office spaces. Not everyone joining the team wants a remote company.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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