money isn't everything

Someone I know recently said these words to me, and I have been thinking about it for two days.

Growing up, everyone around spoke about how much money someone they admire makes. It almost felt like the administration was for the money the person made rather than for the person. Earning six figures plus was a goal almost everyone I knew had and was working towards.

But what did it take to make that six figures? The last few years, from the stories I hear of friends who make six figures tell me that it takes a lot. If a company offers you so much money, they would expect a lot in return. A few people tell me how they are hardly sleeping, how they don’t have time to hang out, how exercising has become a distant dream. The money, though, is great.

Making a lot of money for the sake of making money never interested me. If a job demanded a whole lot and was creeping into my personal life, my travel, my exercise routine, my hangout time, that was a red flag and something I would work hard to avoid. Money isn’t everything. I would take a balanced life over the $10-20K raise if that raise came with a lot of expectation.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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