base project template

I remember reading about it in one of the tweets a while ago. Having a base project template is quite handy at times. How often would you like to have the necessary things setup again and again?

These days, most web apps need a registration system, a login system, a dashboard, session handling, and a logout system. Most frameworks will have this built-in as part of the framework these days, but I usually find myself customising the fields from time to time. A similar setup for setting up servers would be great too. Now with Docker and Terraform, it is possible to have server setup documented.

I have one such setup for Laravel now. When starting a new project, I now copy migrations, a few views into a new Laravel project and save many hours I would usually spend tweaking the system to match my needs.

If you don’t have a base template for your projects, investing time in settings one up is time well spent.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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