taking care of your health?

Are you? Are you taking care of your health? I remember being asked his question multiple times in the last few years. My reply would usually vary from “its a work in progress” to being funny at times by saying, “I will be starting from next Monday”. Haven’t we all done that? If you are not really into a fitness routine, you have tried to dodge this question by answering differently each time you were asked.

I came across this tracker today and was in awe with the use of technology to track blood glucose in real-time so that you can maximise your diet and exercise. I am impressed with companies like these which continue to spend time and resources to build better tech to get data and feed that data to improve health.

There are apps, websites that will guide you on what to eat, which will help you track steps, help correct your form during weight lifting. You tell the app your goal, and it will guide you towards it. The same did exist before technology. You had magazines, people at the gym, coaches you could talk to. Technology made it more accessible.

With so many things to now guide you towards a better diet, better exercise plan, the challenge is to get started. Make that 2% change each day. You don’t have to. But I hope you do.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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