hard to ignore

You were once popular and had a lot of people wanting to keep up. Every new version you released, every blog post about the improvements you made to the framework were well received by hundreds of people worldwide. There was no stopping, from the next milestone being as well received and if not better than the previous one.

When someone else joined the community of frameworks, slowly and steadily, the attention started to shift. Week after week, people gradually stopped paying attention to what you had to offer and moved to check the new framework. They were making progress faster, adoption never way of language and package internals better than you did and the community started to notice. More people began to adopt the new framework as the default choice for their next project.

It’s hard to ignore when the competition gets all the attention which you once had. Its tough to stay motivated and continue making progress when making progress involves many changes to how you built what you built. But making progress for the few that stuck with you, is what you need to focus on—gradual improvements. A few people have left suggestions on how to make small strides forward. A few that kept coming back to check on your progress.

this above is my version of comparing codeigniter vs laravel. I am so happy to see CodeIgniter make progress with version 4. Can’t wait to try it out for my next project.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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