camera shy

I have never been in front of a professional video camera setup before. I have been part of various zoom and WhatsApp calls, but none was going to be recorded and used for social media campaigns.

Two days ago, I was asked to give a video testimonial for the gym I have been exercising in the last four months. I am having a great time at the gym and the community there has been amiable.

Part of my video testimonial mentions how I now look forward to going back to exercise versus previously being a struggle to walk myself to the gym. F45 does make training fun. I also realised I enjoy group classes more than exercising by myself or with a friend at the gym.

I can talk quite fluently during 1-1 conversation, but somehow yesterday, I kept fumbling when in front of the camera. My thought process kept breaking. It’s been a long time since that has happened to me. Matt, who recorded after me was excellent. He was able to articulate his answers well and kept it clear and concise.

Took me back to last year, when I was trying out podcasting. I would spend a lot of time editing the audio file—something for me to improve on in 2021.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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