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I have not missed an Apple Event about hardware releases for the last five years. I know I will not purchase the hardware released for most years, but it’s been an event a few friends watch together(now remotely), and the whole affair is a treat to watch.

Drastic improvements are difficult. The road leading up to Apple’s M1 processor, from what I been reading took ten years. From Apple’s A4 Chip in 2010 to A14 in 2020. Apple has been slowly improving on its chip design and the workload it can handle.

After watching Apple’s event on November 10’s 2020, I could not wait to start reading the reviews. The next few days and weeks, I continued to read and watch popular youtube reviewers and bloggers talk about the M1. Everyone had good to great things to say about the M1. ARM-based computers were much better than x86. I had to try it out for myself.

I had been saving money for my trip to Melbourne during the Christmas + New Year’s break, but due to the Covid outbreak in NSW, borders to other states were closed. The money got re-routed to purchasing the new M1 Mac Mini. My first desktop purchase after 14 years.

I opted for the 8 GB / 512 GB Mac Mini. I read a few opinion pieces about 8 GB vs 16 GB and was convinced about getting the 16 GB until I read this review.

Apple’s 8GB M1 Silicon isn’t Magic, but it is Magical

That’s the problem with future-proofing, Apple keeps reinventing the future.

I have been using the Mac Mini for three weeks now, and it been a joy to use. All the reviews are accurate. It is significantly faster than my 2017 Macbook Pro / 8 GB / 256 GB config. Now my primary work machine. MacBook Pro now becomes my goto travel buddy accompanying me on all my road trips/vacations.

If you are on the sidelines about buying the Apple M1, my recommendation would be. Go for it.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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