Job you want two jobs from now

My engineering manager James, asked me this question last week “What job would you want to do two jobs from now”.

I was thinking about this a lot last week. I even asked this question to my sister during our phone call over the weekend, and she said that’s a great way to look at career progression.

I have never really given this a thought until James asked me this question. I enjoy building software. I enjoy the whole process from wireframes to thinking about user flow to creating the frontend to writing the backend code. I also enjoy the process of setting up the server and ensuring that the app was up and running. It’s all an enjoyable process in the quest to building software which helps people accomplish the task they set out to do using the software.

I also do enjoy performance monitoring. Part of me wants to focus on ensuring that the software provides good user experience and speed is a significant factor towards good UX.

After giving it a lot of thought, one thing I would enjoy working towards has to be building excellent frontend experience for users and monitoring its performance and usability. Seems like a lot when I think about it, but that’s a goal I want to move towards getting better at.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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