VS Code

I have been a long time TextMate user. TextMate was the first app I installed when I bought my first Mac. All software written thereafter was written using TextMate as the editor.

Stackoverflow released their developer survey results and Visual Studio Code was the editor of choice for a lot of people. It made me want to have a look at Visual Studio Code again.

I have used Visual Studio Code before and it always felt like a “slow” text editor. It did not feel like an app built for the Mac and things just took too long to load. I must have installed / uninstalled it three times before last week.

The most recent release of Visual Studio Code though did not feel as slow as before. It still does not feel Mac like but this time around I have started to like the features it offers in return of lack of speed.

Letting me know of unused variables, spelling mistakes, auto complete for variables, built in ESLint support, built in Terminal are a few things I like about the editor. Definitely worth a try for these features.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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