Your product idea matters

There are new tools, softwares and blogs being launched every day. If you follow reddit, product hunt, twitter or hackernews you will come across new products every day. These are exciting times.

2 days ago, a friend mentioned how he had a few ideas he wanted to work on, but when he researched his idea, there were other products already doing something similar. My advise to him, work on your idea and build it. Your product idea matters. Even if someone has already created what you had in mind, go ahead and build your version of the idea.

The features, design, experience you end up building would be different from the product which already exists and that might be the reason someone chooses you over hundred’s of other products which exist.

Brightpod a project management tool I have been working on since the past 3 years has over 100 competitors. Yet, as a business we are doing well. People who like us, like us for the interface, the experience and customer service we provide. This along with the features we provide differentiates us from every other product.

It’s tough for any software to please everyone. We also have some people tell us that our user interface is not that good and our software experience not being as good as some other tools they have tried.

We need more people to build products which are different and yet does something similar. People are still looking for the best project management system, the best bug tracking system, the best travel booking site, the best place to host their blog, the best place to buy fonts…

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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