Work Smart

Life is Short. Work Smart. Have fun.

That’s the slogan of Brightpod, a project management system for digital marketing agencies. If you are looking for a online product to manage your projects, give Brightpod a try.

I have been thinking about Work Smart part of the slogan this week. What does it mean to Work Smart? Do you have a process in place on how you achieve your work? Do you use smart tools to get work done? Do you not juggle between projects when working?

Working smart for me is having a fixed list of tasks I need to complete each day. I set priorities for things I want to get done on a given day, leaving room for small new additions to the schedule. Things on lower priority can move on to the next day, but no further than 3 days from when it got added to the list.

Working smart also means setting boundaries for what you say yes to in a given day / week.

What does Work Smart mean to you?

P.S: Happy Birthday Amol!

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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