What does success mean to you?

I have been thinking about this question since the last 4 days, ever since reading this post by Josh Pigford Getting out of the startup rat race – Baremetrics Founder’s Journey

So what if you changed what “success” is? What if success was paying yourself $150,000 a year and building a real sustainable business that you build up for 10 years and sell for a few million? (No, that’s not considered a success in Silicon Valley.) Or maybe you never sell it?

What if “success” was paying yourself $30,000 a year and traveling the world with your family?

“What if it was paying yourself $150,000 building a real sustainable business which helps a lot of people and being able to travel the world with friends and family”. This is something I am aiming for.

I have had a few discussions with friends over the years about what success means to them. For some it’s buying an Audi or any other luxury car, for some it’s a fully paid 2-3 BHK in the best place of the city, for some it’s being able to retire early, sit by the beach and relax and for some it’s being able to work at Google, Microsoft or any of the best company in their profession.

Somehow I have never chased any of those things. Do I not want those things? Of course having those things would be good, but the tradeoff I would I have to make in the short or long term to get to them “as soon as possible” don’t seem to be worth it to me.

Doing good work, building software which helps people and is a joy to use is something I aim to do every day. Being able to spend more time with friends and family making new memories and being able to travel has always been important to me. If I am able to check at least two of these three boxes every week, that would define what success mean to me.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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