User Experience

Given a choice between spending more time on the User Interface(UI) vs the User Experience(UX) of the app, I would choose UX.

In the last two years, I have started to enjoy apps which might not have the best UI but get the UX right. I always praised good UI before, even if it meant having to go through a few extra steps within the app to perform the task at hand.

Two apps which I have been praising a lot recently, are Buddybuild and LogDNA. Buddybuild has the right balance between good UI and UX, while LogDNA gets the UX right.

I have tried most of the available CI options to create an Android build for my mobile apps. Other than buddybuild, everyone else made me configure my steps before creating the .apk file. With buddybuild, it was easy. I pointed to my Github repo, and it was able to do its magic and return the .apk file. UX done right. 💯

I had a similar experience with LogDNA last week. I have given most of the log management software a try, but no one else was as easy to setup as LogDNA. After setting up the project, they had a 5 line instruction on commands I needed to copy paste and voila! Server logs started pouring into the dashboard. 💯

I wish more companies spent time on UX discussions when creating software. I know I am going to make it a priority going forward.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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