Travelling alone?

I have been travelling across Malaysia for the last one week and I have been asked this question about 8 times till now. In every taxi ride I took and every hotel that I checked into.

A good friend who I was chatting with in the morning asked if “it is boring to travel alone or if it does get lonely?”

Does it get boring? It does. Yet, I continue to take these solo trips. Its good to get bored sometimes.The Science-Backed Benefits of Being Bored | Greatist

I have taken a few international trips with my friends and they have been much better than my solo trips.

Solo trips though have their own charm, which is why I continue to make it a habit to travel alone at times. Solo trips make you think, they make you question your actions and where you are going a whole lot. I have always come back a little bit different in the way I think about everything after each of my solo trips.

If you can, I would highly recommend you take a trip alone from time to time.

P.S: The street food in Malaysia is awesome. It’s worth visiting the country just to try the variety of street food they have. Penang being my favourite city out of the places I visited.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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