Travel with friends

I recently returned from my second trip to Singapore. I avoid visiting the same international destination, except for when it’s Bali, Bali could easily be my goto place every year.

I have been thinking about my first visit to Singapore and how it was very different from this visit. Travelling alone vs travelling to the same destination with friends.

My first visit to Singapore was spent mainly in the city centre, walking around various malls and a day spent at Sentosa Island. 3-4 days later I was done exploring most parts of the city as suggested by Google. Sure, I missed a few lanes, but being on a budget, I did not want to see places that were far away from the hotel. I took 0 taxi rides the last time, compared to 2 taxi rides each day, this time around. I also did not stop by at little India and Chinatown.

Travelling with friends this time though I think I covered a lot more places and have a lot more memories compared to my first visit. We spent more time in one place, as we went around the city, yet I managed to visit every destination that was on our list. Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle - Wikipedia has to be the place we kept going back to till we managed to grab a meal.

Trips with friends are the best kind of trips. Having awesome friends to travel is something I am thankful for 🤗

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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