Things I learnt about gym and exercise

It will be two years, today, since I started going to the gym and exercising. I am happy to report that after two years I am still going to the gym, 4 to 5 days a week.

Things I have learned about gym and exercising, till now:

Have a goal If you are just starting to exercise, have a goal in mind about what you want to achieve. For some it might be to reduce their weight, for some to gain weight, good abs, good body shape etc. Workout out accordingly. It’s ok for the goal to change later, when the goal changes, change your workout routine.

There is a Dip If you decide to start exercising and once you begin, you will most likely want to quit in a month or so.This might be because after regular exercising, you do not notice any significant changes. This is the dip. Do not quit. The results are much closer now than you realize. Rather quit the thought of quitting.

It takes times and patience There is no over night success. The abs you want or the body shape you want to achieve or the weight you want to loose, will take time. No, it will not happen in 6 or 16 weeks as the ads promise,(unless you work out really hard and are that determined to focus full time to achieve the goal) but more likely in a year or so.

Getting to the gym is the most difficult part On some days your mind will talk you into not going to the gym. Believe me, getting till the gym is the most difficult part, once you get there, it then gets easier to begin exercising.

Food is almost as important as exercise The hours you spend in the gym, exercising, will not be of much help, if you eat junk/ unhealthy food on a regular basis. If you are wondering why the exercises do not help much, it’s not the exercise, it is the food you are eating.

Make small changes You do not have to start by running 20 minutes on the tread mill and get disappointed knowing that you cannot do much. Start small. 5 minutes perhaps. Then slowly increase the time as you get comfortable. Same goes for weights you lift or the repetitions you do. Make small changes regularly.

You don’t have to stop eating the food you like, just reduce the quantity Like eating junk food or cakes like I do? You do not have to stop eating then completely. Just reduce the quantity you eat and how often you eat them.

I was told by many to stop eating junk food and cakes, which I tried quitting by taking small steps towards the goal of quitting, but each time failed miserably. I decided to not stop having them completely, but increase the interval duration and the decrease the quantity. It has worked wonders and makes me feel happy about getting to eat what I like.

There is no better day to start than today I have heard many people telling themselves that they will start after new years or after the next week.New years is far away and so is the week after. Stop making excuses. Start today.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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